Investment banking


Uk procurement lead

New 12 January England - Greater London, City of London Perm

Main Duties and Responsibilities of Role:

Has good knowledge of and experience with Procurement principles & processes, and of market intelligence and analysis techniques. Actively seeks to add value in vendor negotiations in relation to cost and quality. Is able to work with and manage strict local and globally set savings targets, providing regular progress and benefit reporting to Management. The employee can work independently or as a team leader on complex procurement projects or contracts with moderate risk (and on tasks with a higher level of risk under supervision). Acts as the Procurement point of contact for UK Management and ING Bank Procurement on all UK Procurement activities. Actively manages the UK procurement team (if any). Has a good understanding of the administration, reporting and control requirements of procurement activities in the Financial sector and actively seeks to improve processes.

Risk Management and Compliance

* To support UK stakeholders in procuring goods and services in line with ING policy and standards.
* To ensure alignment of UK procurement processes with the Procurement Policy of ING Bank Procurement.
* To ensure that any revisions of the UK procurement process are sustainable.
* Ensure timely reporting and closure of IRISK points

Organisation and Staff

* Act as the single point of contact for both UK and ING Bank Procurement regarding the procurement related activities of WB UK.
* To advise on the future structure of the procurement organisation. With procurement taking the lead in the process in which the business is responsible for the specifications and procurement is responsible for the purchasing and contracting related activities.
* To coach / train UK Procurement staff (outsourced and in house) in order to be able to support the procurement activities.

Data Management and Reporting

* To oversee the provision of meaningful procurement MIS. Including performance against KRI / KPI's, monthly reports to CAO, Supplier Qualification (SQ) reporting and regular analysis and reporting of spend under / not under Procurement control.
* To make an inventory of the requested reporting templates and related planning by ING Bank Procurement (e.g. benefit reporting) and to provide these forms to ING Bank Procurement in a timely manner.
* To align the UK procurement process of with the procurement process of ING Bank Procurement , taking into account the specifics of WBUK.
* To ensure there is an up to date overview of upcoming contract renewals and (where possible) upcoming new projects. Based on this overview, to proactively secure procurement involvement in significant (from a spend perspective, perceived risk perspective or threshold perspective) renewals or projects.
* To perform a spend analysis with the objective to get a clear view on the total spend of WB UK and the spend specified per vendor and per category. This information can then be compared with the information in Zycus, the contract calendar and the PO information, in order to validate the spend analysis and to detect maverick buying.

Process and Operation

* Maximise procurement benefit in relation to cost and quality in negotiations with external vendors
* Act as the custodian of both locally and globally set procurement savings targets providing regular benefit reports to management.
* Assess the current procurement processes of WB UK and to look for opportunities to optimize the process and maximise benefit, including increasing spend under Procurement control
* To identify the main stakeholders of Procurement and to build up a relationship with these stakeholders as a trusted procurement advisor.
* To show the added value of Procurement by participating in selected projects by delivering results from a qualitative perspective and from a benefits perspective.
* To extend the focus of the activities of Procurement from operational procurement activities (ordering, invoicing and after care) to tactical procurement activities (specification (support), vendor selection and contracting).
* Contribution to negotiation and roll out locally on the large and growing activity around International contracts (e.g. TFM or HR TOM).
* Leading the local roll out of Procurement TOM that will cover for various missing pieces in particular vendor management

Market Data

* Coordinating the renewal of existing MDS agreements and concluding new MDS agreements for the UK based on a procurement process, including the validation of the number of users.
* Liaising with the global Market Data Services team in Holland and local management and users. Introduce an improved ordering and demand management process for MD services
* Oversee the transfer of operational Market data related activities (where applicable) to GSO Manila.



* Is recognised as a Procurement expert with a minimum of 5 years' experience in a senior purchasing role with 3 years management experience
* Is a specialist in market intelligence and sourcing and boasts extensive, broad-based experience with Procurement principles & processes
* Is experienced in the development and implementation of Procurement strategies to ensure early Procurement involvement that accurately supports current and future business objectives
* Is experienced in drawing up sourcing plans in collaboration with senior management, and in taking care of the implementation of these plans
* Is experienced in being the Procurement point of contact for senior management in the business
* Is experienced in working in a complex, global and financial environment which is highly regulated
* Is experienced in managing the Procurement team in highly complex and high risk Procurement projects
* Shows evidence of successful staff management, coaching and development