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Asset Management

England - Greater London

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Addington adopts a research led approach to the macroeconomic factors affecting its investment decisions and a bottom up analysis of specific projects.

We understand property. We tailor a business plan and supporting model for every asset from first principles. The plan will typically involve a series of initiatives which each contribute to unlocking or creating value. Critically, in terms of implementation we get on with it.

We are actively investing and managing assets in retail, office and residential markets in the UK which enables us to consider the full range of real estate opportunities in the built environment.

Addington has high level contacts throughout the UK property industry and is able to access best in class across a range of disciplines from procurement, leasing, professional work to acquisition and disposal.

Addington has excellent contacts with the banking sector in both the origination and restructuring teams. We know which banks are offering the best terms for new deals ensuring that we are competitive when bidding.