Amundi Hong Kong


Vie - finance control officer H/F

30 June Hong Kong, Hong-Kong Volunteering

The VIE will subsequently work in the Finance Control Team and the Valuation Reporting team and his responsibilities will encompass:
Topic: the production of a number of financial reports and the on-going maintenance of the tools used to prepare them.
The position will combine technical tasks (work on access databases, production of reports) and a need for understanding the business of Amundi HK and be able to analyse the reporting figures.
During the 12 months’ training, the VIE needs to maintain the reporting databases for AUM (Asset under management) Fees (Management fee calculation) and MIS (Management information system) reporting (MsAccess)
Within the first 2-3 months, the VIE will be responsible for the production of the monthly reports from the reporting databases such as AUM (Asset under management) and other reports to local management and Head office
Then, during the next 1-2 months, the VIE will analyse the reporting figures
Finally, the VIE will support the continuous development of the control and reporting tools used by the Finance control team and the Chief Operating officer and work with the COO and Data management and Reporting team to produce and develop AUM related internal reports

Bachelor or above.
Finance control, Accounting.