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Recommandé par 100% other former students to this course

Overall rating : ★★★★ 6 Avis

Program value ★★★★

Quality of professors ★★★★★

Atmosphere ★★★★

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Anonyme, Promotion 2015, Wealth management Advisor trainee

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“Course evaluation: very good”


Review 31/05/2016

Quality of the speakers: speakers who are professionals in the majority.

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Anonyme, Promotion 2014, Hyphenation student

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“Courses of great diversity and quality generally”


Review 07/10/2015

Stakeholders very involved in the success of students, also very competent

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Anonyme , Promotion 2015, Trader forex, and coach for future (individuals) traders in the Forex market

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“Courses which lead to autonomy. With a U.S. methodology.”


Review 31/10/2014

Capacité de la formation à vous former à votre métier actuel :Oui, parce que dans cette école, on ne fait pas que du management, mais aussi de l'économie (macro) et ce qui m'a poussé dans le monde des marchés financiers et du forex.

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Anonyme , Promotion 2014, Student

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“To create good quality courses ”


Review 28/02/2014

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Anonyme , Promotion 2014, Student

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“ Very rewarding”


Review 31/10/2013

The courses that I could follow my 3 years at the Kedge Business School (old BEM) were for the most part very rewarding...

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Anonyme , Promotion 2013, Student

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“Stakeholders are most of the experts whose tips are valuable”


Review 23/04/2013

I personally enjoyed the diversity of courses among the ESC Bachelor programme. Indeed, it has allowed me during my first year to distinguish what I liked and in contrast what annoyed me. Furthermore, we were very well informed on the different opportunities that allow each material which helped me project myself.

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