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“ Overall, I have fond memories of my team. ”

Avis déposé le 09/09/2015

Note globale : ★★★★

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Review: I was only 6 months within CACEIS as part of a CSD but these 6 months still allowed me to have a pretty good view of the profession of accountant UCITS. It was my first professional experience.

Skills developed: This CSD was very trainer in a first time, and taught me the basics of the financial market as well as accounting. I really discovered how to compute the (securities) OST, margins on future calls, the NAV (net asset value) of a portfolio etc. This experience also allowed me to strengthen my knowledge on financial products and pretty much know their characteristics, which is a more significant to evolve subsequently. The profession of accountant UCITS is rather technical, and asking for a certain reactivity as well as rigour.

More: Overall, I have fond memories of my team. Indeed, unlike the very large structures where the teams are mixed in large open space, CACEIS, each team, about a dozen people, is spread across offices. This allows to have a certain promiscuous with co-workers. It is more intimate.

Less: The negative point of this profession, it's the repetitive side of tasks. The same problems return, and we usually have to work on the same portfolios.

Advice to the company: The advice I would have to give is to familiarize some time with the profession of accountant UCITS for good foundation and then evolve into a Middle Office trade.